The most popular commercial gutters are the Englert Box Gutter, which is designed specifically for use in commercial and light industrial environments. The Englert Box Gutter has a large trough, which is perfect for handling high volumes of water that drain from large commercial roof installations. This gutter comes in a variety of materials and finishes, from aluminum to steel, so you can rest assured that your gutters will enhance the look of your building, rather than detract from it.  Weather you're in need of  gutter service, cleaning or new installation Rain Busters Gutters will take care of your project with nothing less than outstanding professionalism.

Every roof job we install is with top quality in mind. Our roofs are installed without air nailers for that extra service of quality and assurance that our installation is top notch and guarantied to pass the strictest of inspections. (Up to 25 squares of asphalt shingles per project).

Roof repair & new instalation

Last but not least is the Fascia style of gutter that has an in between general function of our top styles, the 5 and 6 K form.

It is usually fitted to  homes that contrast a modern design in building character which compliments it's  plain face and deep channel of function.

It's sized just right to gather and drain all water but its popularity stands for the costumer that wants the gutter to be as hidden as possible while its wide back hides rafter tales that are not wrapped with a fascia board, hence its name Fascia style. Another advantage this style offers is the drip edge lip that can be requested for homes that may not have haddrip flashinginstalled at last roofing installment.

The 6K style is pretty much 5K's big brother. It's larger by an inch on all sides and although it is mostly fitted to large roofs such as barns or residential buildings there are exceptional homes that require the larger function of the 6K for proper full drainage of rain and aesthetic appeal. Generally the 6K gutter is fitted with the 3x4 corrugated or plain square downspouts.

The most popular and widely used forms of gutter on residential homes.

Our most popular choice picked by home owners is the 5k style because it offers best of all three types in functionality, size and appeal.

Its just the right size to withstand even our wettest seasons if installed with no smaller than a 2x3 sized downspouts.

It adds a crown molding frame to any home and can even be matched in an array of color options that compliments your home's character and style.


We provide the most popular styles of gutters available today and perform repairs on any type of gutter system your property has installed.

We run out the gutter on the job site and use only quality material supplied by Portland's top supplier of quality sheet metal materials ''Guttermans Choice'' Co.

We also have a wide range of colors we can match to your existing gutters/downspouts or to your personal preference.

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​             Gutter Cleaning Repair Maintenance & New Installation in Portland OR.


This style is usually fitted to homes that have an old world character. Usually homes of brick or mortar exterior. This is a gutter style that offers more aesthetic appeal then function. 

If this style is attractive to you we will asses the roof size and possibilities for correct function before installment.

One of the ways to solve its function quality is by fitting it to our 4 inch round downspoutsand installing gutter screens to keep this gutter from getting overwhelmed by surrounding tree/brush debris.

Most costumers that pick this gutter also have them installed in copper form as it compliments it's positive arch and reflects any light perfectly.